You are Innocent

A few years ago, a beautifully kind, caring lady that I know, expressed that she felt guilty. I mused at the peculiarity of her feeling that way, especially as it was near Easter. I know well the feeling of guilt, but wondered how she could feel that way, given what a lovely person she was.

Then one day, I realized how deeply intertwined our happiness is with fully believing, and feeling that we are innocent. But if we’ve been so less than “perfect” in the past, how can we believe this? Because we are not here to be perfect according to OUR judgment, we are here to learn that we are O.K. just the way we are. Mistakes, stumbling, struggles, and all of our messiness is O.K. in the eyes of the Loving Universe, aka “God”, “Source”, “Father”, “Being”. To the Universe, we are so O.K. that it is like our mistakes never even happened.

Honesty is the bridge to innocence. As we give our self permission to be honest with how we feel on a deeper level, the doorway to innocence begins to open up. Burying what we really feel locks guilt in place, keeping a blind that obscures the freedom that we really seek. Journaling, meditation, spending time in nature, or listening to others’ stories, can help us to realize that we are not alone, and everyone has some kind of struggle. Here we can learn that we are not alone in our struggles. We begin to see that others are just like us, they also are enduring the same obstacles, and we see that they are still loveable, we see that they are still innocent, then maybe you begin to see that you also are still innocent, loveable and o.k. just the way you are.

Innocence is available, offered to and meant for everyone. It is up to us if we accept it. If you think of someone you love, you would only want them to have All Good Things, Peace, Happiness, Love. The Universe wants the same for you. Sometimes it is too difficult to believe that we have the power to allow ourselves to accept or be innocence. That it would be arrogant, egotistical, or not humble to believe you are innocent and loved. I think this is where people think of Jesus dying on the cross. But he didn’t die because you are guilty, and are a “sinner”, he tried his best to demonstrate that you are innocent. That no matter what, you are still O.K. and you are still loved.

Innocence is there for the taking. Not taking it is like if you offered a starving person a piece of bread, or a beautiful meal, and they refused your gift, stating no, that they deserved to be hungry.

Just begin to ask yourself, “I wonder what it would feel like to believe, feel and accept that I am innocent?” Talking to your mind this way, posing the possibility this way, opens up your mind a crack to accept a new idea. Trying to affirm “I am innocent” may feel like a lie and cause resistance. A Course in Miracles refers to our efforts as, “the little willingness”, and that much is done on our behalf, upon only our willingness. The invitation is there, all we need to do is say, “yes”.