Horse Board Near Calgary

Horse Boarding

Sweetgrass Stables is located on 160 acres, just 5 minutes East of Balzac. We enjoy both, mountain and peaceful prairie views, and can even see the downtown while standing in the center of the arena!

The facilities include an indoor riding arena, attached heated stable area with lounge, washroom, and tack room with lockers. There are acres of land to ride out on in the summer, quiet gravel roads, and a road allowance one mile away for riding out.

We offer outdoor and indoor board, with turnout in large paddocks. The paddocks are Electrobraid fencing, with a covered shelter, a windbreak fence, and automatic water bowls. We try to put the horses with others who have a compatible temperament and feed needs. There are 2 to 4 in a paddock, and the paddocks are about 50’ x 200’. 

Please note: Horse Board without lessons is not available.

Board packages are as follows:

 (All prices include GST.)

Contact Maria at 403-804-8236

Board Package 1

Outdoor board with 2 lessons per month: $465.00



Board Package 2

Outdoor board with 4 lessons per month: $545.00



Board Package 3

Indoor board with 2 lessons per month: $730.00



Board Package 4

Indoor board with 4 lessons per month: $810.00