Courage to Change

I see working with horses and navigating life as completely parallel. Everything that applies to being a good horseperson, applies to being a good person. To progress with horses, or in life, we need focus, healthy discipline, clarity of intention, patience, measured action, perseverance and presence, being unattached to the outcome, manifesting, allowing – going with the flow, having healthy physical, mental and emotional balance, and forgiveness. We require these traits and habits while working at maintaining equanimity and awareness.

All of these traits and muscles are essential in life, and with horses. This is why most everything I write about is as much or more about life than it is about horses. I work hard on myself that what I bring to my horses may be of benefit to them. And they show me how I am doing. I may not always like what I see, but I know that they tell the truth, and that if I want what I want from my horses, I have to have the humility and courage to change.

And I thank them for that.