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Sweetgrass Stables is a multi-disciplinary equestrian facility located on 160 scenic acres just East of Balzac, Alberta. We provide exceptional care for your equine partner and offer both indoor board with turnout and outdoor paddock horse boarding.

Our riding and horsemanship lessons are instructed by owner, Maria Shuttleworth who helps students achieve their goals with their horses focusing on: We value our equestrian community at Sweetgrass Stables, and have built an environment of mutual support, encouragement  and shared learning. We find joy in discovery; share successes and struggles with each other; and take pride in the facility. We offer a comfortable and welcoming environment.

  • Harmony through horsemanship
  • Groundwork and riding with clarity, understanding, softness and feel
  • Work at liberty
  • Dressage – with harmony, ease and lightness
  • Better leadership through spatial awareness, intention and presentation
  • Allowing students to work at the level and pace they are comfortable at

At Sweetgrass Stables we believe in the passion and joy that horses bring into our lives. We invite you to join our community where we share values, dreams, struggles & successes.


Contact Maria at 403-804-8236

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